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Was the General Meeting

Dated Nov 18, 2011

Dear International Community:
This was our first General Meeting on behalf of International Cultural Voice of California (iCVC).  We are very pleased to see such a healthy turnout and a diverse representation of the community. The Executive Committee was very excited to see the openness, candidness, and enthusiasm from the community.  In support of our diverse community members we are determined to take our organizational goals and objectives to the next level.
1.     Meeting was started at 2pm instead of 1pm to accommodate day light savings time.  It concluded at 4pm.
2.     General Secretary opened the meeting with greeting and welcomed all to the first General Meeting of International Cultural Voice of California.
3.      General Secretary asked everyone to review the ground rules for the meeting.
4.      General Secretary laid out the agenda topics.  Agenda topics were:
a.       Introduction of the Executive Committee (EC) body
b.      Opening Remarks
c.       Events Sub-committee
d.      Election Process
e.      Detail Q&A
Introduction of the Executive Committee body:
Opening Remarks:

Vice President:

General Secretary:

Cultural Secretary:


Election Process:
The President iterated that the EC would be working with all and keeping everyone informed about the details of amendment and ratification process of the draft constitution.  This would be followed by details on the election process which would cover election committee, nominations and timelines.
Special Note: We tried our best to capture the sequence of events for the Detail Q&A.  Also, also at the same time we tried to summarize.  We took out the names of the people stating their views and opinions.
Detail Q&A:
Question: How are you funding your activities?
Answer: Current plan is to have sponsors at the county, state, and business levels.  Coming up memberships will fulfill obligations.
From The Audience:


Meeting was called to be adjourned at 4pm by the General Secretary of iCVC.
General Secretary
International Cultural Voice of California (iCVC)

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