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Rahim Binnur
Rahim Binnur
San Diego, USA

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Rahim Binnur
About Rahim Binnur

Rahim Binnur was born and grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently he lives in San Diego, California with his lovely family. He makes his living as a businessman but feed his spirit through the dedication in inspiring Art, Music and Culture.

Rahim Binnur was socially & culturally very active since his childhood. He was fortunate to be in the founding group of many social and cultural organizations. He is a multicultural and multilingual person himself. In addition to English he speaks Japanese, Spanish and his native language Bengali, which is from the subcontinent of India.

The multilingual, multinational & multicultural experience gave him the opportunity to see the world from multiple point of view. He is deeply committed to serve international diverse community in his city of San Diego and worldwide.

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